Specialist in corporate filming - providing your filming needs.

Videos 4 Internet specialises in delivering high quality legal AV content for broadcast, websites and distribution. Working with a number of firms, Chambers, teaching institutions and corporates to deliver seamless transfer of knowledge to the digital media platform through the recording and editing of seminars, lectures, interviews, teaching videos and other such tools vital to the development of the profession.

Our staff have extensive experience working with the legal industry and draw upon their knowledge of the legal environment to maximise the impact and value of each production by applying our unique skillset. Our clients feel comfortable in the knowledge that all our staff are familiar in working with high profile figures within the profession and that expediency and professionalism are key, whilst ensuring clinical accuracy and primacy of content.

Due to time constraints and the nature of modern media, we are able to conduct filming at your premises or any location you choose and set up with minimal disruption to the office environment. We are also able to discuss with you our knowledge of shoot locations so you can deliver the perfect message.

Please get in touch today to discuss your ideas and how we can help deliver your expert knowledge to the digital world.

For examples of some of our work with senior contributors please review the below, recorded at the College of Law. These videos are just an example of how your legal interviews could look.  Interviewees consist of: Judge Riddle, Master Whitaker, Jeffrey Onions QC, Mark Canon QC, John Wilson QC, Judge Lush and others:

The following legal debate was captured at a Lecture Theatre in Bloomsbury.  Using a small team of technicians & 3 cameras we recorded a wide panel shot, a close-up of each speaker and an audience shot for Q&A. Videos4Internet can provide this full legal filming service using professional cameramen, and possibly live stream your event to the Internet for lawyers to view on-line (subject to Internet connection speed):

This next video production was filmed for NetLaw Media for their conference at Russell Square Hotel.  This was vision mixed live for a fast delivery:

Please review the other tabs an the top for more legal filming examples, training videos, PTCs, court room reconstructions and a promotional video for a law college in Bristol.

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broadcast cameraman professional cameraman local cameraman corporate filming

broadcast cameraman professional cameraman local cameraman corporate filming

broadcast cameraman professional cameraman local cameraman corporate filming