Filming Conferences and Seminars

Ted has filmed many conferences, seminars and discussions with multiple cameras and live streamed them across the world.  We can capture your conference using experienced technical crews & equipment. Ted has been running technical teams for a number of years and has strong connections with hire companies to source the best equipment & crew to help you obtain the necessary coverage of your event.

Pre-Event planning:

Prior to your conference launch, Ted will have completed a location reece, obtained the necessary equipment, considered lighting and other possible technical requirements (There are may to consider such as live streaming, autocue, which radio mics to use, vision mixing etc).

An option you may want to consider is having some video inserts played during your conference.  Pre-recorded messages with graphics, a message from someone who is unable to attend or maybe a funky intro video to set the tone of your conference to be projected on the big screen?

On the day:

Crew arrives early to set-up equipment or when possible, the night before.  Professional equipment and experienced broadcast camera operators are essential if you want to produce a professional record of your conference.  Past experience has proved that lighting techniques and professional sound equipment are essential in the technically demanding filming environment of the conference hall.

One option is to have your conference vision mixed live so that it is instantly ready to be uploaded, or you may want to live stream your event. (This will be either subject to the internet connection of your venue or your budget for mobile streaming).

Another option available to you is to obtain some Vox Pops during breaks.  These are one liners from your audience describing your event which are filmed and later edited into a promotional video.

After the event:

Your videos are collated and edited into whole packages ready for DVD duplication or up-loaded to the internet. Some also want the highlights of the event made into a promotional video.